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EMX Express & MED Airlines realized a Charter Flight today 15/09/2010 from Tanger to Zaragosa for Delphi Maroc and Opel Zaragosa.

51, rue des gaves, roches Noires    CASABLANCA-Maroc
Tel   : +212 (0) 5 22 24 24 20/21
Fax : +212 (0) 5 22 24 27 71

@: cargo@Med-airlines.com
Customs :

To better serve our customers, we have signed with the customs administration, an agreement allowing us to conduct the clearance of our folds and packages as soon as possible, so we can offer our customers, fast and flexible services.

MED-AIRLINES,is the professional who will guide you through:
 Administrative procedures to respect and follow Export or import.

MED-AIRLINES, manages "bonded warehouse" in the import or export of your goods, which puts a suspensive tax, to the final destination you choose.

MED-AIRLINES represents you in:

  • All international airports
  • All the major seaports
  • The main cities hosting a Regional Centre for Customs Clearance

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